What we eat has a profound effect on our bodies and minds and the connection between food and health is important at all stages of our lives. Arguably, eating well is even more important in school-aged children, where young bodies and minds are developing at a rapid pace. Evidence is mounting backing the importance of a good school food culture in supporting pupil health, wellbeing and attainment. School meals have changed over the last few years due to the increasing awareness of the importance they play.

Our specialist education businesses Taylor Shaw and Edwards and Blake understand the importance of the role we play in encouraging children to be more involved with, and have a greater understanding of diet and health, and how this is linked with a healthier future.

Delivering balanced, nutritious and delicious meals and working together with our clients to deliver a whole school approach to a positive food culture, ethos and environment we aim to positively influence children and young people and tackle some of the challenges faced by individuals, schools and wider society. Our commitment is underpinned by the You & Life programme which brings together all of Elior’s activity in the fields of health, nutrition and wellbeing with the goal of helping people to lead healthier lives.