The Elior Approach

Our approach with You & Life is to deploy a multi-faceted programme which addresses all the areas where we can make an impact on healthy eating in a coordinated manner across all our markets. We have been committed for a number of years to providing customers with nutritionally balanced dishes along with the right information and support to make informed choices about the foods they eat.

The desire to make a real contribution to healthy eating is deeply ingrained in our business, right through our operations, from training and development for our staff to the food we buy, the recipes we create and how we cook our food. We were early adopters of the Responsibility Deal as a vehicle for improving public health and we continue to work closely with government to follow voluntary industry best practice as well as ensuring adherence to legislative requirements such as School Food Standards.

We are promoting healthier eating & supporting healthier lifestyles by:

  • Ensuring You & Life will benefit as many people as possible. Our food concepts such as the Elements range allow our customers to enjoy great tasting healthy dishes using exciting, fresh and nutritious ingredients.
  • Adopting the approach of ‘health by stealth’, which ensures all our food is prepared to be as healthy as possible whilst still tasting great. Making healthy food satisfy traditional tastes is an important factor in the drive to improve diet
  • Raising awareness and understanding of healthy eating and lifestyle choices
  • Providing a supportive environment and the right information to help people make the right choices.
  • Working at the national level as well as the individual level, for example through our approach to meeting government sugar reduction targets