The Elements food range

Elements was created as the food offer that sits within You & Life to reflect the principles of:

  • No added baddies
  • No unnecessary added sugar
  • Created using real ingredients
  • Freshly prepared in our kitchen every day

This is a range of delicious dishes created by our dietitians and development chefs to offer the best and most delicious ingredients.

Elements puts the emphasis on the quality and health giving nature of the ingredients in the dish along with the nutrients they provide. Some of the great ingredients we use include acai, pomegranate, lucuma, golden linseeds, avocado and herbs, spices and aromatics instead of salt and sugar.

The range covers exciting recipes for breakfast, Grab & Go, hot lunch dishes (including vegetarian, meat and fish), a refreshing selection of hydration waters, protein shakes and sweet treats.

Elements is also built on our insight into the key motivators in where and what people choose to eat. In 2017 and beyond we anticipate the health benefits food will be one of the key motivators. Our research indicates that more than six in ten consumers are aiming to eat more healthily.

The Elements range has also been carefully designed to embrace other growing food trends-such as the rise in flexitarians- by including some delicious vegetarian and vegan options and utilising dairy substitutes.

Importantly the Elements range is focussed more on what positive ingredients each dish contains rather than what has been taken out. We like to think of this as our ‘more is more’ approach to healthy eating.

Elements is supported by a dedicated blog and Instagram

Instagram: @elementsbyelior