The Elior Positive Foodprint Plan

The Elior Group Positive Foodprint Plan was created as part of our Corporate Responsibility strategy and demonstrates our international commitment to ensuring all aspects of our business support the aim of being a sustainable responsible business… It is a plan for achieving a positive impact throughout our operations from farm to fork, covering our work with suppliers, clients, customers and employees.

The main priorities for us are:

  • How we sustainably source our ingredients
  • The innovative healthy choices we provide
  • How we minimise food waste
  • How we help our own staff reach their full potential

The Elior Positive Foodprint Plan includes the major goals of:

  • For 100% of our guests to be able to choose healthy and delicious food by 2025
  • For 10 of our major ingredients to meet our sustainable and local sourcing criteria by 2025
  • Zero food waste to landfill by 2025

You & Life helps support the healthy eating activities, ambitions and goals of the Elior Group Positive Foodprint plan.